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Village of Widows (2024)

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Village of Widows (2024)
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Ong-nyeo, who just became a widow due to the sudden death of her husband, comes in as a new recruit in a village of widows that is full of evil energy because the men here keep on dying. Since there are no men left in the village, the villagers put up a job poster looking for a man helper. Then one day, a man named Byeon Kang-soe, who happens to see the job poster, visits the village, and the widows are shaken by his appearance. A rumor spreads that Kang-soe owns a hugeness that cannot be handled, and the sexual energy of the widows, who were suffering from loneliness, becomes stronger day by day, and their village has now become full of obscenity. The widows try to receive Kang-soe’s positive energy, but they fall out one by one. Later on, Kang-soe and Ong-nyeo sense that they are destined for each other and decide to match their inner compatibility.

  • Genre:
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  • Duration: 115 min
  • Quality: KOREAN