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The Ear Cleaner (2012)

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The Ear Cleaner (2012)
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A drama that presents a lively depiction of a woman plagued with unexplainable hearing problems who begins to look at herself in a new light when she starts working at an ear-cleaning parlor. Using ears as a motif, director Horiuchi Hiroshi delicately evokes emotional changes within young people.

As the result of a disaster, Ena (Sakuragi Rina) ends up breaking up with her lover and even suffers the cancelation of a promise of work. As she begins to be troubled from ongoing hearing loss of unknown cause, she finds a job at an ear-cleaning parlor through an old friend. Then one day Ena is reunited with Yoshinobu (Nakata Akira), who is drawn to her beautiful ears.

  • Release:
  • Duration: 115 min
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  • Quality: +18, HD


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