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Sex Guru (2004)

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Sex Guru (2004)
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SEX GURU – Boost Your Sex Life – Starring: Asia Agcaoili – Philippine Instructional DVD. Boost your sex life! The intoxicating scent. The electricity that runs through the fingers. The somber moods that truly lights up the night. Who wouldn’t want to keep one’s affaire de chambre alive and exciting? But if you’re looking for new ways to elevate your amorous encounters to an entirely new level, then this video has the most exciting answers for you. Sex Guru reveals the art of sensual massage. It will teach you how to handle your partner in the most stimulating manner. It also gives helpful pointers in selecting the right massage oils, the right scented candles plus other helpful interludes to heat up the moment. It will also allow you to explore each other in a way that you’ve never imagined before. We guarantee that what you’re holding in your fingers now is a lesson that will keep you happy for years to come.

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  • Duration: 60 min
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