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Oh! My Assistant: The Movie (2023)

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Oh! My Assistant: The Movie (2023)
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Seon-ho is a writer who authors web-based comic strips (webtoons). In order to make ends meet, he decided to start creating “19+” titles – erotica intended only for those aged 19 and above. His comics are wildly popular, but they have had a very strange effect on his libido: He cannot fell arousal since he started writing these webtoons some two years ago. As his workload begins to pile up, Seon-ho decides to hire a new assistant. He appoints Moo-yeong. But Moo-yeong turns out to be no ordinary assistant – he has actually taken the job because he is Seon-ho’s number one fan. He is also besotted with the writer – and hopes to start a relationship with him. The sparks of romance begin to fly between the two. But there is a catch: A male acquaintance named Joon-seok – who has a girlfriend – begins to take a shine to Moo-yeong. Could a love triangle be forming? And will Seon-ho rediscover his lost passion?

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  • Duration: 115 min
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