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Mask Girl: Live Broadcast (2024)

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Mask Girl: Live Broadcast (2024)
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An erotic film about a woman who murders men who use her as a sexual plaything.

Yeong-hee was always bullied when she was young. Ji-seong and Soo-jeong bully Young-hee, while Woo-yeol is only there to do what Ji-seong tells him to do. Ji-seong orders Woo-yeol to film them with a camera while he rapes Yeong-hee. As time goes by, Woo-yeol feels guilty for not being able to protect Yeong-hee, so he just always watches the Internet broadcast in the corner of his room and becomes obsessed with a mask girl who is active in broadcasting.

  • Release:
  • Duration: 70 min
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  • Quality: +18, HD